i can feel spring coming...(upcoming)

Through March and April, I'll be continuing to co-host with Sophie Traub the Dinner Project, bi/weekly open potluck dinners to discuss where we're at in our thinking and learning and see how we can support each other. If you're in Toronto, get in touch and join us for dinner!

I've been in a solo performance class this year, working with Erika Batdorf and a whole cohort of incredible creators, and we'll be performing our emergent works in progress at York University at the end of March--date TBA.

In April, I'm hosting a workshop at the library near my house in Toronto where we'll write poems to/for specific places in the neighborhood and then make a book of hyper-local poetry! It's a project I've been wanting to do for a while. The workshop is called Listening to Places: The Neighborhood Poetry Project and will take place April 11 & 18 with a poetry walk/tour on April 28. More details here.

As well, I'm performing in Configurations of a Divine Bitch, a devised theatre piece using bouffon and mystère to explore menstruation, menarche, pregnancy and birth--we'll be performing in residency at Cleveland Public Theatre as part of Test Flight on April 5-7! Tickets are available now. Also, if you're in Toronto, many of our Friday night rehearsals are open Grotowski/LaCoq trainings if you're into that kind of thing. Get in touch for details.

Also in April I'll be hosting a walking workshop on disorientation as part of the Society for Cultural Anthropology digital conference/biennial meeting, which is focused on the theme of "Displacements" (April 19-21).

In May I'll be part of the walking research working group at the Canadian Association for Theatre Researchers conference in Kingston, Ontario (May 29-31).

work in progress - "i admire your bookshelf"

When I was a kid I set out to read all of the books at my local library, Lauri Ann West. At some point I realized (still on "A") that there were more books than I could ever read, which was a disappointing and exciting lesson about the size of the world.

I always look at peoples' bookshelves--in their offices, houses, the curated sections in bookstores and libraries. Someone I was dating once told me we'd have to organize a bookshelf together before we considered working on bigger [community] organizing projects together--I'm not sure if we ever did that, but books and how they lie together, what their spines reveal and conceal, is definitely exciting to me.

I've started taking photos of some of these small archives - check it out.

(If you read all of the books that someone else did, do you think you would become more like them?)