work in progress - "i admire your bookshelf"

When I was a kid I set out to read all of the books at my local library, Lauri Ann West. At some point I realized (still on "A") that there were more books than I could ever read, which was a disappointing and exciting lesson about the size of the world.

I always look at peoples' bookshelves--in their offices, houses, the curated sections in bookstores and libraries. Someone I was dating once told me we'd have to organize a bookshelf together before we considered working on bigger [community] organizing projects together--I'm not sure if we ever did that, but books and how they lie together, what their spines reveal and conceal, is definitely exciting to me.

I've started taking photos of some of these small archives - check it out.

(If you read all of the books that someone else did, do you think you would become more like them?)