I have taught workshops for groups of 10 to 250 using performance tools and techniques to strategize, research, tell stories, and learn. These are a few!

If you are interested in bringing me to your town to do a workshop or collaborate, get in touch!


what we make together - On collaboration

"This is a performance workshop. This is an exploration of the question how do we collaborate? What can we make together? Using tools from collaborative performance techniques and Augusto Boal’s Theatre of The Oppressed, participants will engage in embodied research about collaborative art-making, including creating short performance vignettes. No experience necessary, all ages welcome."

Assembly at KSMoca, 2017. (Photo credit to Anke Schüttler.)


theatre of the oppressed for social change

"In this fun and participatory workshop, we will tackle complex questions of social justice and human rights using theater. Fueled by our own lived experiences, we will use Theater of the Oppressed techniques to create scenes that challenge us and call us to action. In this way we will empower and support each other to work toward the re-imagined world we want to live in. No theater experience necessary."

I have led TO workshops at Full Bloom Farm, Awakenings Wellness Center (in collaboration with Isobel Charle), and Stillpoint Dance Studio (in collaboration with Isobel Charle).

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Performing Wild(er)ness

"This workshop is an invitation to embodied sensory rewilding. A collaborative exploration of our relationship to place through listening, exploring memory, urban ecology, ritual, performance, and site-specific dance. We will awaken our senses through improvisation, work, and play, in indoor & outdoor urban & wild spaces. "

Collaboration with Shelley Etkin at CounterPULSE Underground, 2014.


storytelling & story circles

"What are the stories we tell that connect us, and others, to a specific place? What are the tales or histories we have developed to grow symbiotic relationships between people and the natural world? What are the current and societal stories being debated?

The stories we tell to ourselves and others shape what we can imagine and understand; what we believe has happened; and what we believe is possible – both individually and collectively. In the course of sharing stories, difficulties and truths of community and place can rise to the surface. Building on traditions of story circles and storytelling in many cultures and community arts practices, this workshop invites participants to consider how stories connect us to places through sharing and listening to stories about water (and creeks!) in our lives."

"Creek Stories" with Lauren Moran, Assembly 2017.

Theatre & Storytelling, Kairos, 2014-2015 - This series of classes focused on using theatre and storytelling games to process traumatic events, tell one's story, shift the relationships between staff and youth, and imagine alternative futures for youth (17-22) in a residential mental health center.