eliot feenstra


+1 (647) 784 3884 (Canada) or +1 (412) 608 6904 (USA)


I am a transdisciplinary, transgender artist, theatre-maker, scholar, gardener, and student. I work and play in the realms of ecology, sustainable agriculture, radical pedagogy, magic, dance, theatre, and community organizing.

I am interested in theatre as a civic practice, the relationship between dancing and home, pilgrimages, and memory held in places.

I am committed to the practices of curiousity and wonder.

I am currently based in Toronto, Canada. Since 2011, I have worked rural southern Oregon, where I have been collaboratively devising community-based intergenerational performances in the Illinois Valley.

I have a BA from the University of Chicago in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on linguistic anthropology and performativity; and recently completed an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario.