all the places i've been are here with me

Thought I would start this to record some of what I'm thinking about and working on, as I value process...I have been inspired recently by working with Michael Palumbo, a PhD student in the Theatre & Performance Studies program I'm in, who shares his work in some mysterious fantastic open-source way.

So....a blog seems like the least I could do.

Currently I am working on a website about Black Creek park (work in progress here), inspired by a walking ethnography assignment for a Performance Ethnography brief, thinking creatively about how we represent our experience and the knowledge we gain from experience in ways that might be less dry than typical academic writing/talking work. The idea of 'scores for experiencing places' is also really informed for me by my work with RiverStars, by the "In Kinship" project which my old friend Cory Tamler is involved with in Maine, and the work of Leslie Castellano and many of my classmates at PSU's Art & Social Practice program.

I've also tackled making a solo performance work this term alongside other MFA and PhD and under Erika Batdorf's mentorship. I could say much more about this but my research process has focused on whiteness, memory/forgetting, and relationship to place.

I'm also planning a workshop on writing poems to places--an idea I've had for a while and continuing to think through what it is that leads us to love a place, how we form attachment to places, and how we share places with others.

I'm getting ready to be done with the term and also to dive into some winter dreamwork, an exploratory rural interviewing roadtrip with Sara Tamler, and starting to work through the Artist's Way book with a group of faraway dear friends.