eliot feenstra

is a transdisciplinary, transgender artist, theatre-maker, scholar, gardener, and student. He works and plays in the realms of ecology, sustainable agriculture, radical pedagogy, magic, dance, theatre, and community organizing.

He is interested in theatre as a civic practice, the relationship between dancing and home, pilgrimages, and memory held in places.

He is committed to the practices of curiousity and wonder.

Since 2011, Eliot has been based primarily in rural Oregon, where he has been collaboratively devising community-based intergenerational performances in the Illinois Valley. He has also worked closely with the Rural Organizing Project and Oregon Humanities.

Eliot holds a BA from the University of Chicago in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on linguistic anthropology and performativity; and he is currently researching performance, place and feelings in the MA program in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario.


Curriculum Vitae